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“In addition to a super intuitive platform, which receives frequent updates, it is super versatile and agile to carry out any type of project. Whether with the base of the panel or with our base, you are also strategic partners for the company. The cool thing about MindMiners is this mix of a very efficient platform and a service with very good research expertise behind it”.

Eric Yamaga

Insights Consultant

“MindMiners was decisive for us to be able to deliver the sensitivity that the project requires and to offer the true connection that we wanted with our consumer”

Eduardo Coutinho

Director of Strategic Planning

“Our goal was to play a more proactive role, to help direct the strategies of the various areas to optimize our service portfolio. To do this, it was necessary to internalize our way of carrying out research, but at the same time, to have specialized help when we needed it.”

Rodrigo Rinaldi

Head of Marketing Analytics

“MindMiners helped us to structure the project in a consistent manner, so as not to miss any important response for the project, which was huge. From naming validation to customer experience guidelines, the project brought important insights for the construction of FanLab. Today, we are able to serve our internal clients with more studies, without losing business timing, which makes the Insights area itself more relevant.”

Natalia Dourado

Consumer Insights Sector

“Riot met MindMiners at a time of expanding its scope of research. We heard a lot of positive feedback about the company and looked forward to it as one of the potential partners in this area.”

Thiago Furtado

Market Research Analyst

“We changed several strategies based on the insights we obtained with the MindMiners platform, and this helped to direct the company's entire plan as a whole. Now, we can't take any direction without thinking about research. The panel of respondents is what represents MindMiners and the platform is a major differentiator. We are very happy when we have to use it, both for the questionnaire part and for the analysis of results. The usability is very different from all the others we've ever had contact with.”

Jeniffer Freitas and Bruna Cardoso

Marketing Research Analyst and Associate Director of Marketing Research

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