The most efficient platform for your journey to insight

The right insight defines your strategy and directly impacts your revenue. Count on the agility, granularity of profiles, and flexibility of MindMiners to achieve it effortlessly.

Do It Yourself or expert guidance

Have the flexibility to choose whether you want more autonomy or specialized guidance. You can create surveys yourself or let our team conduct the project.

Accuracy in collecting responses

Use your own mailing to trigger search links or enjoy the granularity of the panel of respondents with more than 5 million consumers from all over Brazil.

How it works

It's never been so easy and fast get consumer insights

Some features you already know and others are unique to MindMiners to make it easier for you to do research.

Of questions

Single, Multiple, or Open Response, Single or Multiple Response Matrix, Ranking, Emoji Rating, and NPS.

Advanced PSM and MaxDiff blocks

Find the acceptable price of a product or service or the preference scale for the characteristics of an item and similar items.

Advanced shuffling logics

Improve data quality by reducing bias in the sequence of questions, when applying randomization by alternatives or blocks.

Of questions

Increase the efficiency of your analysis by collecting images and videos.

From open

Apply identification tags in specific terms to speed up your analysis through filters or with a word cloud.


Find out exactly the sample size needed according to your objective and the incidence in our panel of respondents.


Clear and simplified data visualization. All so you can spend less time analyzing data and more time identifying opportunities.

Varied export types

If you want to access the raw research data, you can export them in excel or ppt to transform them into a more visual presentation.

Of analysis

Create gender, age, social class, region, state/city filters to analyze more deeply and compare the results.

Additional hiring

Data ready and updated

Get instant insights with Clusters. Identify behavioral changes, opportunities, and trends with data available 24/7.

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