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Research, technology, and data to fully understand your consumer

Our platform offers a simple, scalable, and efficient way to deliver consumer insights to guide your business decisions.

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The right insight at the right time for your challenges

MindMiners is the most efficient consumer insights solution to guide your business decisions. We combine research expertise, proprietary technology, and data intelligence so you can obtain reliable and actionable insights about your consumer.


Our platform is intuitive and easy to use so that anyone can run research projects in record time, without the need for technical knowledge.


Get insights the way you want it. Get access to pre-collected data or create your survey. Our experts can also do the job for you.


Over 5 million real consumers from all over Brazil ready for your brand to interview.


One single platform for all your research needs

Find answers to a diverse range of questions about your consumer, your brand, your campaigns, and your products.


Instant data

Access thousands of pre-collected data to track and compare preferences, behaviors and trends.

+ 400k monthly interviews presented in dynamic dashboards

+ 400 brands tracked from a diverse range of segments

4 yearly updates


Research projects

Build your questionnaire with agility, autonomy, and flexibility to optimize your research efforts.

21 methodologies ready to use

Valuable exporting and visualization alternatives

“In addition to a super intuitive platform, which receives frequent updates, it is super versatile and agile to carry out any type of project. Whether with the panel or with our own, you are also strategic partners for the company. The cool thing about MindMiners is this mix of a very efficient platform and a service with very good research expertise behind it”

Eric Yamaga

Research & Insights

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