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We were born to transform the research market

Our commitment to innovation ensures that our customers always find answers to their questions on our plataform.

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Consumer Insights to boost business

Research expertise, proprietary technology and data intelligence combined with our relentless pursuit of efficiency makes our approach to delivering consumer insights truly unique.

Since 2013, we have been striving to stay one step ahead in collecting reliable and actionable data, always in the shortest time possible.

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How we work

Efficiency: our DNA

Recognized methodologies, executed your way

Our plataform offers methodologies such as Habits and Attitudes, Brand Health, PSM, among many others. The key difference is that they can be conducted without the need for prior research knowledge and with flexibility for adjustments and additional questions.

Experts to support you along the journey

At any point in your quest for insights you can reach out to our team of experts. They will assist you with specific queries or you can hire them to conduct your research and analysis.

Technology to ensure agility

With the features available on our platform, you can obtain insights much faster and easier. That's how your team will be able to invest time in what matters: the decisions to be made.

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Renato Chu
Co-founder & CEO
Lucas Melo
Co-founder & CRO
Thomas Vilhena
Co-founder & CTO
Anie Kuracz
Director of Operations & People
Danielle Almeida
Luíza Bittar
Head of Revenue Operations
Thaís Camargo
Product Head
Flávia Cruz
Research Specialist & Partner

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