Miners Insights

Succeed in your market research projects by obtaining made-to-measure strategic advice.

Digital market research services made-to-measure. We assist the whole process, from defining the problem to choosing the most appropriate methodology, collection of data and analysis of results.


Receive results in half the average market time.


Track results in real time through our platform.


We use our own user base – MeSeems, which has more than 500 thousand users.


Rely on the advice from our specialist team to choose the solution that best fits your objetives.

Step by Step

  • Our team will define the market research problem and the most appropriate methodolgy based on your project briefing.
  • After we receive your approval, the entire project will be fulfilled by MindMiners, from the creation of the questionnaire to the collection of data.
  • In the end you will receive a personalized report, developed by our team of specialists, with in depth analysis and insights.

How do we deliver results in the half the time practiced by the traditional market?

  • We use MeSeems, a respondent panel with more than 400 thousand users ready to answer your questions.
  • MeSeems is an innovative panel that allows users to participate in surveys, geolocated activities and forums.
Want to see it happen? Access MeSeems

More than 500 thousand imparcial consumers ready to answer your questions

You can even choose a specific target to answer your questions.

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