Miners Compass

Certified questionnaires and automated collection methods that allow you to act with agility

A complete platform which enables you to develop digital market research projects, from questionnaire creation to collection of data and analysis of results.

Personalized and/or certified questionnaire models

  • Create and customize your questionnaires based on several available question formats (open questions, multiple choice, matrix and ranking, etc) and logic options (skip logic, display logic, random display).
  • Include images and videos and collect uploaded pictures from users in order to capture moments and buying habits.
  • Use our certified questionnaire library to gain confidence and time.

Answers from real and imparcial consumers

  • Send cross-platform questionnaires, that can be answered via web and/or mobile.
  • Gather answers by using your own contact list or share a link via social media.
  • Hire our user base - MeSeems - to gain access to more than 400 thousand people ready to answer your questions.

Real time results and automated reports

  • Use our online control panel, agile and easy to navigate and track your projects.
  • Track answers in real time.
  • Analyze answers using dynamic filters and other advanced tools.

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