Privacy Policy

Last Update: January 19th 2016

In this document you will be informed about how MESEEMS SERVIÇOS DE INTELIGÊNCIA DE MERCADO LTDA, CNPJ nº 19.381.669/0001-07, located in São Paulo/SP, Rua das Sempre-Vivas, 255 PO 04.704-030, that from now on will simply be denominated as “Meseems”, collects, uses and protects the data received for the benefit program it offers.

With the intention of establishing a trustworthy relationship with the people willing to participate in the program, MeSeems is responsible and transparent when dealing with the information it receives, uses, holds and transmits, as established in this document, and for this reason we wish to clarify and share our privacy policy, so that you can better understand which information we obtain and in what ways do we use them.

Before reading the rest of this document, you should read the MeSeems Benefit Program Terms of Membership, where you can learn how the program works and what are your responsabilities as a member.

Throughout the document the following terms, with their respective meanings, shall be used:

Program – The Benefit Program offered by MeSeems

Site – The virtual address of the Program, (, where the client can access his/her account

Client – A person, physical or corporate body, who signed up for the program and is therefore responsible for the interactions sent to the users.

User – The physical person who signed up for the program and will interact with the Client through the Application.

Interaction – All and any content created by the client that is sent to the user, such as questionnaires, opinion surveys, behavioral research, amongst others;

Service – The collection of services offered by MeSeems to the client so that he can interact with the users;

Account – Site location where all client information is held and through which he can access the services offered by the Program;

Application – “MeSeems” Application, mobile type, where the user can participate in the Program;

Login – Client’s e-mail and password, used to access his/her account.

Points – User retribution for answering the interactions, which can be collected and traded for products, services and benefits, according to the rules stated in the terms of the Program;

From now on you will be treated as a “Client”.

1. INTRODUCTION 1.1 MeSeems respects it’s clients and users rights. Law  nº 12.965/2014, known as “Marco Civil da Internet” was recently passed, and it establishes the principles, guarantees, rights and obligations for the use of internet in Brazil. Even though it was only passed on the 23rd of June 2014, we would like to inform that MeSeems Benefit Program is totally adequated to the rules and directions imposed by this law. If you would like to know more about this, you can access the law through the following link:

1.2. The Privacy Policy is a document which establishes which informations MeSeems can access and how can this information be used. Throughout the next topics you will learn how your personal data is dealt with, as well as all the information collected from the users when they sign up for the Program.

1.3. You will have access to the information sent by the Users through the Application, and therefore it is important that you are aware that the users will always be assured, as stated in the  7º article of Law 12.965/2014, amongst others, the following rights:

a) Protection of intimacy and privacy, compensation for material or moral damage as a consequence for violation.

b) Protection and discretion regarding all conversation through the internet, saved by judicial order, as a law;

c) Protection and discretion of stored conversations, saved by judicial order;

d) Not sharing information to third parties, including connection and access data, saved with free consent, expressed or informed in the hypothesis stated by law;

e) Clear and complete information about data collection, use, storage, treatment and protection, which can only be used for means that justify the collection and that are specified in the terms of use of internet applications;

f) Express consent about collection, use, storage and treament of personal data, that will happen according to the clauses stated in contracts.

1.4. Now that you are aware of the User’s rights, we will move on to the Privacy Policy.


2.1. In order to participate in the Program, the Client will have to inform his e-mail, complete name, CPF number and choose an username and password, personal and intransferable, thorugh which he will gain access to the Site, strictly for personal use, compromising himself of not sharing the information to third parties. MeSeems can use this information within the limits stated on item number 2 of this Policy.

2.2. If the Client is a corportate body, a physical person representing a company, employee, or any other type of subordinate that has some sort of tie with the comapny, brand or business, is responsible for creating the account with his/her professional e-mail, under the penalty of having the account blocked until alteration is completed. MeSeems can delete a Client’s account if he refuses to make this alteration, including all the information, without any obligation of reimbursement to the Client.

2.3. After logging in and accepting the Terms of Membership, Regulation and Privacy Policy, the Client will have access to his/her account and will be able to fill in all adicional information fields in order to complete his registration. This information will be used by MeSeems according to the limits imposed in item number 2 of this Policy.

2.4. The information sent by the Users as a response for services used by the Clients will be available in the administration page of the Site. This information belongs to the Client responsible for the interactions and CANNOT be distributed, shared, sold or in any way transferred by MeSeems to any other Client, person or company.


3.1. MeSeems uses the collected information for the following general purposes:

a) Offer the necessary interactions for the Program;

b) Perfect the experience and usability of the Application and Site;

c) Elaborate generic statistics;\n” + d) Answer doubts and requests from Clients and Users ;

e) Accomplish communication and marketing relationship research with Users and Clients willing to participate.

3.2. MeSeems WILL NOT offer, share, sell or send any information that belong to a Client to other Clients, person or company. The presentation of any information can only happen upon request by the Client or under judicial determination.

3.3. The partners, suppliers and all involved in the program are aware of this Privacy Policy and only authorized personnel have permission to access the collected information, under the condition to suffer penalty in the case of Policy violation.

3.4. MeSeems is compromised to use the collected information only for the purposes stated here, reserving the right to exclude this information after using it or not.


4.1. The security of information is guaranteed by efficient protection mechanisms, like criptography, security elements, access protocols, storage of interal servers, firewall and a secure web space.

4.2. Despite the adopstion of high levels of security for the protection of the data and information collected, it is important that Users are aware that due to the natural characteristics of the internet, there is always a risk of leakage and violation by unauthorized third parties. For this reason, MeSeems cannot guarantee total protection in the usage of the Site, Application or data storage.

4.3. The data and information that is stored in external servers abide by the same security principles adopted by MeSeems, considering that the suppliers and partners are obliged to respect our Privacy Policy.


5.1. Despite the fact that the Program uses Facebook services (, it is not endorsed or directly connected to the social media, but respects its Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

5.2. In order to use the Services offered, the User must be aware of Facebook’s Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, nevertheless, conflicts are possible and in this case this Privacy Policy should be respected in detriment to Facebook’s Privacy Policy.


6.1. We are worried about your privacy and security, and for this reason, we would like to make a few recommendations:

a) Maintain yourself informed about the functioning of services and applications you use on the internet, read Terms of Use and Privacy Policies, they are very important documents;

b) Use complex passwords, with letter and number combinations and words that do not have any real meaning;

c) If you have children or are legally responsible for minors, teach them that the internet is dangerous, tell them not to fill in online forms without your consent and to never, under any circumstance, share any personal infromation to other people.

6.2. MeSeems can withold the collected information for the period of time considered necessary, even in cases of registration cancellation of Client exclusion after teminating Program membership.

6.3. MeSeems can modify its Privacy Policy at any given moment, therefore please be attentive to the information that is sent by e-mail and Application and Site publications, because they are our communication channel.

6.4. If ou still have any questions, considerations or doubts about privacy and security, please contact us by e-mail at “”.