Fields of Expertise

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Evaluate the effectiveness of your communcation efforts in relation to your target audience and marketing objetives.

Before/After communication test

How effective is a marketing campaign, before and after a product or service is launched?

Recall research

How does your marketing efforts impact your brand’s recollection index and the constrution of coherent brand associations?

Campaign recall

What is the recollection index of a specific communication campaign promoted by a brand?

Reputation Tracking

What is the impact of an event or happening on the reputation of your brand?

Campaign evaluation reports

How authentic are campaigns and other communication efforts promoted by a brand? And how do they help me stand out against competitors?

Evaluate the quality of customer service and brand exposure at specific points of sale.

Gondula disruption

What is the mean porcentage of gondula disruption for a brand in a specific point of sale?

Share of exposition

What is the mean porcentage of brand exposition at the gondulas?

Mystery shopper

How effective is customer service and product presentation at a specific point of sale?

Price monitoring

How competitive is a determined product’s price when compared to other players in the same market segment and category?

Exposition check list

How impactful are promotions, sampling and other activities carried out at a point of sale in promoting brand awareness?

Understand how your customer behaves and what are his preferences.

Attitude and use (A&U)

What are a target audience’s buying habits in relation to a specific product or category?

Segmentation study

How does your target audience divide into smaller consumer clusters according to behavior identification, interests and priorities?

Hábitos de consumo

Qual a frequência de consumo, motivações, preferências e estímulos de compra para uma determinada categoria de produto ou serviço?

Jornada do consumidor

Para quais pontos de contato da empresa com o consumidor devo direcionar meus investimentos para atrair mais atenção, melhorar a experiência de consumo e ampliar vendas?


Como capturar as experiências dos consumidores com produtos e serviços para mapear e compreender comportamentos e lógicas de compra?

Anticipate demand by evaluating customer perception about new or established products and services.

Concept test

What is your target audience’s opinion, ranging from acceptability to purchase intention, regarding a product concept that is meant to be developed?


What price range does a target group atribute to a product and how does purchase intention fluctuate according to price rise and reduction?

Market potencial (TURF)

What is a product or service’s market potencial and what variations present better return potencial?

Concept screening

What product and service concept, within several available options, is the best choice to prioritize development?

Packaging test

Ranging from acceptabilty to purchase intention, what is the target audience’s opinion about the packaging of a product?

Evaluate brand perceived value and positioning.

Brand health

With what frequency do your consumers remember your brand and how impactul is it in triggering experimentation, volume of sales and pricing of products and services when compared to market competitors?

Brand Image Evaluation

What impression does a brand generate in the consumer’s mind and what sort of associations, functional or emotional, does this image trigger?

Slogan, name and logo test

What slogan, name or logo, within available options, is capable of to create major identification with the target audience and  guarantee to achieve brand positioning coherence?

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Solve your marketing challenges

Solutions that will help you from the development of products and services to the evaluation of advertising campaign results.

Develop better products

Test new products and concepts to discover new market opportunities.


Optimize your sales results

Optimize your price strategy to improve market penetration and increase sales.


Launch successful marketing campaigns

Evaluate the effectiveness of your communication efforts in order to increase  marketing ROI.


Promote brand loyalty

Measure customer satisfaction and compare companies from the same market segment.


Incentivize customer satisfaction

Evaluate buying experience and improve customer journey.


Keep your customers engajed

Understand your customer’s profile, preferences and behavior in order to better relate to him.