Facilitate the process of understanding the consumer in order to support all sorts of decisions.

At MindMiners, we believe that quality information opens people’s minds and allows for new opportunities. Since the world is changing very fast, understanding consumer behavior is essencial in order to develop, comunicate or sell an idea. For this reason, our biggest goal is to use technology to facilitate market research solutions that are accessible to everyone.

We trust the power of teamwork in order to make this mission possible, being aware that good results are a consequence of  hard work and dedication.

And it is because of all of this that we are promoting a true revolution within the market research and intelligence sector.

Why do we exist?

To make market research accessible, simplifying all sorts of decision making processes.

It doesn’t matter if we are talking about a student or the CEO of a big company. With the help of technology and of a highly qualified team, we developed truly innovative solutions to unravel consumer behavior and answer questions. Today we do this through or automated research platforms.

Do you want to know how we will generate strategic knowledge in the next years? Come and build this future together with us.

We are looking for professionals...

Curious and driven by the wish to learn.

Dedicated and committed to company values and objectives.

Creative and innovative when facing everyday challenges.

With an enterpreneur mind ready to share learnings.

Proactive and in search of professional growth and recognition.

Smart and engaged, willing to leave their mark.

Do you share these values? If so, you have MindMiners DNA.

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